A rough self portrait…

This is an older drawing  I recently found which I really like. I really feel like says/expresses a lot.

This is my favourite out of the sculptures I have made so fare. I really think that is has some nice angles.

Maja Steensen, Woman, ceramics, February 2014

Maja Steensen, The bird man, ceramics, January 2014

Maja Steensen, melancholy boy, ceramics and wire, January 2014

Recently I haven’t been drawing as much as I would have liked to. School and life has been getting in the way. I have also started making sculptures which I really enjoy doing as well.

Maja Steensen, Peony, colour pencils, February 2014

This is an old drawing of mine but I still quite like.

Maja Steensen, Deep Sleep, ink

This is a drawing that I have had lying around for about 6 months and I just can’t seem to finish it . It is based over/ a studie of a Ryan McGinley photo which I changed a bit.

As usual it’s made with colour pencils.

Lately I have had a hard time finishing my drawings. I have so many started drawings I don’t know how to complete. I am not sure that the background for this pierce is the right colour.  I may change it.

Maja Steensen, The Seer, colour pencils, November 2013

A rough watercolour sketch.


Hello to all my new followers and thank you so much for liking my art/drawings.

I just reached a 100 followers which is quit a lot  compared to the fact that I only had about 18 followers for a little over a month ago.

I hope that you guys will stick with me and I will try to continue posting and making stuff <3

Some still life sketches with oil pastels. They are somewhat rough..

Maja Steensen, Turning To The Wilderness, colour pencils, July 2013

dollardollarbillsyo-deactivated asked: your work blows my mind! so good!

Thank you so so much. I really appreciate it <3